SV Showcase: Where Are You Now by Frank Soares, Steven Diaz, and Ashton Frederick

For this month’s SV Showcase, StandardVision has partnered with the Los Angeles Dance Film Festival in awarding three films with the StandardVision Showcase Award for Artistic Achievement. SV Showcase presents the work of emerging and established artists in a site-specific, month long, exhibition on the #SVLA1 screen in Downtown Los Angeles.

The first of three films to be featured is Where Are You Now, directed by Frank Soares, Steven Diaz, and Ashton Frederick. Where Are You Now is a fast paced and carefully crafted montage following two dancers throughout various urban and natural settings in Japan. Soares, Diaz, and Frederick discuss their experiences with making the film: “Living in a world so unlike your own can cause relationships near and far to flourish or fumble. With fourteen months of being Japanese residents under our belt, the team of this video all shared common struggles of maintaining long distance relationships and opening up to the new ones as well in the land of the rising sun. Time, environment, and constant change…ingredients for perfection or disaster.”

Los Angeles Dance Film Festival co-founders Alexa Roman and Betsy Uhler also weigh in on the piece,

Frank Soares, Ashton Frederick, Steven Diaz and Courtney Franklin created Where Are You Now while working abroad in Japan. It features a duo – Frank and Courtney – struggling to maintain intimacy while experiencing physical separations. The camera maintains a frenetic quality that matches the pair’s emotions and you feel as unsettled watching it as they appear to be.

This film is a particularly great match for Standard Vision’s Showcase because it incorporates so many diverse landscapes across Japan. The scenes change rapidly and the only visual continuity is through the choreography which forces the viewer to focus on the couple.

Where Are You Now plays on the SVLA1 screen in downtown Los Angeles, at 901 W Olympic Blvd. every Thursday – Sunday from 9pm-Midnight through May 14.