SV SHOWCASE: Three Selected Films from the Los Angeles Dance Film Festival

On View:

March 4 -May 5 

#SVLA1 screen at the Courtyard Marriott

Playing at 15, 30, and 45 minutes after every hour

901 W. Olympic Blvd – Los Angeles CA

SV Showcase presents the work of emerging and established artists in a site-specific, month long, exhibition on the #SVLA1 screen in Downtown Los Angeles.

This month, StandardVision has partnered with the Los Angeles Dance Film Festival in awarding three films with the StandardVision Showcase Award for Artistic Achievement. The program will be on view from March 4 – May 5 with work playing at 15, 30, and 45 minutes after every hour.


Dance on Budapest with BANDALOOP by Daniel Sherer

An intimate portrayal of Oakland based dance group BANDALOOP’s mind-bending performance in the beautiful city of Budapest; a mix of theatrical and verité perspectives that gives us a taste of what a BANDALOOP Performance is like from rehearsal to show time. 

Equipoise by Simo Liu

Equipoise is a visual music animated film made by LA based multimedia artist Simo Liu. With a high contrast graphic style combining experiential sounds and music, Equipoise presents the idea of “Yin & Yang”, the two opposing principles in natures, inspired by old Chinese philosophy.  This film shows the “Yin & Yang” within humanity itself, as well as the “Yin & Yang” between humans and nature, aiming to explore their inner “Yin & Yang” relationships of balance, collision and unity.

Of Silence by Sam Asaert

Of Silence is a short dance film about the contrast between intimacy and vastness, conflict and freedom—and the individual yearning for a past long gone, in the face of a bleak collective future. Of Silence is the latest ballet film by collaborators Andrew McNicol (Choreographer) and Sam Asaert (Filmmaker).


Founded by Alexa Roman and Betsy Uhler in 2017, LA Dance Film Festival aims to expand opportunities for dance filmmakers and increase visibility of dance film as an art form. In contrast to traditional dialogue-driven films, the dance film genre of cinematic storytelling offers unique ways to connect with characters and ideas that are far beyond familiar narrative approaches. Pairing dance with film provides a unique entry point for audiences to dive into stories that are not possible when either medium stands alone. LADFF’s goal is to expand creation, collaboration, viewership and overall exposure of the dance film genre by exhibiting extraordinary international and local work in Los Angeles, the cinema capitol of the world.


StandardVision Creative is an artistic division of the architecturally-integrated media façade company StandardVision. SV Creative makes and curates art and cultural content showcased on LED media facades around the world. Our primary goal is to develop a heightened cultural discourse through our outdoor exhibition spaces—generating new outlets to expose the public eye to the arts.