Artist Spotlight: Delphine Diallo

On View:

#SVLA1 Screen at the Courtyard Marriott

901 W. Olympic Blvd. – Los Angeles, CA

Playing every 5 minutes from June 15th – June 28th

StandardVision is showcasing a curated series by Brooklyn-based French and Senegalise visual artist and photographer Delphine Diallo.

The “Highness” project  “[creates] a new vision [of] the 21st century which includes mediums of sculpture, design, photography, collage, and music. It is a vision of a new era which gives birth to an evolved future where the audience experiences the gift that is woman. In this, we create a capsule of work that becomes timeless and unbound, a vision for future observers to witness. Indefinite and inevitable, this future will exist…” In honor of Juneteenth, the New York Times featured Diallo’s work in an article celebrating portraiture by black photographers.

Diallo graduated from the Académie Charpentier School of Visual Art in Paris in 1999 before working in the music industry for seven years as a special effect motion artist, video editor and graphic designer. In 2008, she moved to New York to explore her own practice after giving up a corporate Art Director role in Paris. Diallo was mentored by acclaimed photographer and artist Peter Beard who was impressed by her creativity and spontaneity.

Wherever she can, Diallo combines artistry with activism, pushing the many possibilities of empowering women, youth, and cultural minorities through visual provocation. Diallo uses analog and digital photography, collage and illustration, 3D printing and virtual reality technologies as she continues to explore new mediums. Her powerful portraitures unmask and stir an uninhibited insight that allows her audience to see beyond the facade. 

You can catch Diallo’s work on the SVLA1 screen through June 28th, as well as on her Instagram here.