Artist Spotlight: Sean Deckert

This week’s StandardVision artist spotlight on the SVLA1 screen at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles features work by Sean Deckert. Deckert is the latest of many artists to be invited to take over a two week-long recurring 15-second spot to showcase their work to the public.

Sean Deckert’s series Inverse Universe is a visual narrative composed in volumes of photographs weaving a story about the polarity in nature through the lens of ecotourism. Tapping into the ontological vibes of New Mexico, the first volume explore relationships of time, space and shadows where Sci-Fi collides with Spirituality. Inspired by filmic elements and the transformative power of photography, light and shadow are manipulated in camera to exaggerate naturally occurring elements.

Sean Deckert is a photographer based in Los Angeles. He received his Bachelor in Photography from Arizona State University in 2012. He received the 2013 Emerging Artist Award from Contemporary Forum and Phoenix Art Museum. His work has been exhibited at Phoenix Art Museum, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, SF Camera work and has been featured in Art Ltd, Arid Journal, Photo District News and Visual Art Source.

You can catch Deckert’s work on the SVLA1 screen through 12/23 as well as on his Instagram here.