Artist Takeover: Marcus Cederberg

This week’s artist takeover on the SVLA1 screen features work by Swedish photographer Marcus Cederberg. Cederberg is the latest of many artists to be invited to take over a two week-long recurring 15-second spot to showcase their work to the public.

Cederberg’s work is minimalist, vibrant, and delicately abstract. His photography explores urban architecture and brightlycolored environments using only an iPhone camera. Cederberg prefers the iPhone camera for its mobility and accessibility. His images are simplistic and feature a minimum of ingredients balanced with negative space to produce an infusion of subtle narrative. The photos are impactful for their boldness and striking compositions yet imbued with a seeming effortlessness. Employing architecture as his muse, Cederberg prefers skyscrapers and industrial buildings where there is often a pre-existing combination of painterly material and color. His body of work tends toward the clean, controlled and inorganic, as natural settings are often too visually crowded and lack the negative space Cederberg uses as his canvas. As Douglas Horton put it, “The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity.” Cederberg states that he often excludes unwanted objects in the editing process to achieve a higher level of simplicity and perfection. He has also begun adding small details in post-processing to highlight key elements.

Cederberg hails from Örebro, Sweden where he works as an IT manager. He began taking photos when he discovered Instagram and became more confident in sharing his work as an artist rather than amateur. His style has evolved over time with his carefully curated Instagram page which now doubles as his exhibition space.

Take a look at his latest series here and at his instagram @marcuscederberg

Cederberg’s work will play 4 times every hour on the #SVLA1 / Marriott Courtyard Hotel screen in Downtown Los Angeles through January 15.