Day in the Life of the Artist: Cheryl Louise Humphreys

StandardVision introduces a new artist doc program: Day in the Life of the Artist. The series is designed to engage the community with local emerging and established artists by offering a deeper perspective into the art making process . We have selected many artists to join the program which will feature episodes on the SVLA1 screen, downtown on the Marriott Courtyard building. Each episode offers a glimpse of the artist working in their studio.

In the first episode, Disco Nap, we visited artist Cheryl Humphreys in her home studio in West Hollywood, as well as her workshop in Santa Monica. This footage shows Humphreys preparing for her first solo exhibition at Paul Loya Gallery. Disco Nap offers rare footage of an artist behind the scenes in her studio. Her work is intricate, yet simple in format and composition, so it is intriguing to see how involved her process actually is.


Humphreys’ work mimics the format of printing, but plays with light and shadow rather than color. Her subjects, are simple, and are inspired by ordinary objects and pop culture. By using only shape and shadow, her pieces invite viewers closer, and promote intimate conversation.

 DAC Gallery presents Humphreys in a group show titled Poetics of Relation, curated by Natalie Mik September 8 – October 21.

Poetics of Relation, a group exhibition curated by German-born, LA-based sociologist, writer and curator Natalie Mik, opens up a conversation about the value of interdisciplinarity in creative thinking, and how it can challenge our perception of what is considered fine in art. The group exhibition will take place from September 8th to October 21st at the DAC gallery in Downtown Los Angeles.

More information about the show can be found here.

Take a look at her website here or her instagram @cheryl_humphreys