Day in the Life of the Artist: Ryan Schude

StandardVision’s latest addition to its Day in the Life Artist series is a making-of vignette of award winning photographer Ryan Schude’s “tableau vivant” titled “O, Russet Witch!,” created as a live event inside the famous and historic The Last Bookstore in downtown Los Angeles.

Ryan Schude is a Los Angeles based, advertising, fine art, and editorial photographer. His Tableaux Vivants photo series is a brilliant combination of eye candy and substance—these intricate, deftly crafted images appear to be composites of many photographs and layers, but are in fact, carefully composed live images of complex choreography captured within an single magical instant.

Schude discusses the concept behind the making of “O, Russet Witch!” 

“In searching for a venue to host the launch of my book, The Last Bookstore came to mind immediately for its aesthetic. Having always wanted to shoot a photo there, I proposed the idea to make a live demonstration out of a shoot similar to the ones you see in the book. We projected the images from the camera while they were being shot for the audience in the store to watch the entire process happen in real time. A Q&A followed about that particular shoot and how it mirrored the rest you see in the book. The title, “O, Russet Witch!” comes from a short story of the same name, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The final image now hangs in The Fold gallery until the end of May.”

You can catch the making of Ryan Schude’s “O, Russet Witch!” playing every hour on the SVLA1 screen at 901 W Olympic blvd through April 2.