Doug Aitken – Electric Earth at MOCA

StandardVision is proud to maintain working relationships with the bounty of artists and museums in Los Angeles. Most recently, StandardVision was among the in-kind media sponsors of the Doug Aitken retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art. MOCA has long been an integral player in the contemporary art world, and we were thrilled to support this fantastic establishment.

Doug Aitken is an American artist and filmmaker who is known to explore and expand every medium, from film to sculpture to architecture. His latest exhibition, Electric Earth, explores the persistent nature of people as a whole, as well as the decay of urban, industrial, and natural environments that define our generation. This body of work in particular makes use of any and every medium, exaggerating the sense of restlessness and chaos in humans, and the ever-changing environments we live in and affect.


Aitken’s work is both jarring and provocative, while also visually stunning due to his work as a filmmaker. His juxtaposition of wild animals in familiar, cramped, urban settings is thought-provoking and unhinges the nerves. The series serves as a bold reminder of the nature of these powerful beings, and how we have jockeyed ourselves to positions above them in the most inorganic way. Aitken shares with the viewer a disheartening narrative. His work tells a story cinematically, while also engaging with the flatter, direct, effect of a painting or photograph. His use of multiple media, and the interdisciplinary usage of each in its own right, creates extreme tension and energy.


You can see visual content from the show on our screen downtown, located on the Marriott Courtyard Hotel. The video exhibits twice every hour, at the fifteen minute and forty-five minute marks. Be sure to see the exhibit in person as well at MOCA, on view September 10, 2016 – January 15, 2017.


See more of Doug Aitken’s work here and check out his instagram @dougaitkenworkshop.

For more information about the exhibit visit MOCA’s site here.