SV Showcase: Three Selected Films from the Los Angeles Dance Film Festival

On View:

March 2 -May 31

#SVLA1 screen at the Courtyard Marriott

901 W. Olympic Blvd – Los Angeles CA

Playing every 20 minutes starting at the top of every hour

StandardVision has partnered with the Los Angeles Dance Film Festival in awarding three films with the StandardVision Showcase Award for Artistic Achievement. The three films will be screened as part of the site-specific exhibition on the #SVLA1 screen in Downtown Los Angeles. The program will be on view from March 2nd through May 31st with work playing every 20 minutes starting at the top of every hour.


HABITAT – Written and directed by Sheila García and Inés Valderas

Set within a colorful, architecturally designed home, HABITAT flows from room to room, witnessing each dancer’s interaction with their environment and the boundaries, both concrete and imagined, they traverse within those spaces. Focusing on gesture, partnering, and elements of the surreal, HABITAT deconstructs our understanding of reality and illusion.

The Wait Room –Directed by Austin Forbord and choreographed by Jo Kreiter

“The Wait Room” is designed to reflect upon and bear artistic witness to the experience of women with incarcerated loved ones. Embedded within the piece are verbal and physical ruminations on how these women suffer and overcome, how their lives are disrupted, their relationships challenged, and their bodies policed.

Bória –Directed by Iwona Pasińska

This visually layered dance film created by the Polish Dance Theatre explores metaphors and experiences related to life within a community, and the world of the individual. Experiences of good and evil, happiness and despair, and the unchanging rhythm of nature are depicted in both of these settings, separated by an invisible border to highlight the roles we play within community, and what happens when the individual removes these masks in solitude.


Founded in 2016, LA Dance Film Festival aims to expand opportunities for dance filmmakers and increase visibility of dance film as an art form. In contrast to traditional dialogue-driven films, the dance film genre of cinematic storytelling offers unique ways to connect with characters and ideas that are far beyond familiar narrative approaches. Pairing dance with film provides a unique entry point for audiences to dive into stories that are not possible when either medium stands alone.


StandardVision makes and curates art and cultural content showcased on architectural media facades around the world. Our primary goal is to develop a heightened cultural discourse through our outdoor exhibition spaces—generating new outlets to expose the public eye to the arts.