StandardVision x Max Hooper Schneider at the Hammer Museum

StandardVision recently collaborated with artist Max Hooper Schneider and The Hammer Museum on the artist’s recent immersive installation and first museum solo show titled “Transfer Station.”

The sensory-stimulating project filled an entire room at the Hammer Museum from September 21, 2019 to February 2, 2020, and transported viewers into the unique mindscape of the eccentric artist. The installation immersed museum-goers into an alternate physical setting that felt both immediate and futuristic.

StandardVision consulted on and supplied the lighting technology and software system to materialize the piece’s temporal, narrative lighting design. Our Tyrell lights enhanced the dystopian ecosystem of “Transfer Station,” and further produced a simulation of the artist’s visionary environment by creating the elegant illusion of subtly compressing time from dawn until dusk.

Max Hooper Schneider is a multimedia and installation artist exploring the relationships between philosophy and nature, the personal and the political, destruction and construction, and what he calls nonhuman and human agents. Blending his diverse areas of expertise, works challenge conventional systems of classification, suggesting a worldview that strives to dislocate humans from their assumed position of centrality in the world.