Oct 1 – 28: Artist Spotlight x Paradise Magazine on SVLA1

This month, StandardVision partners with Paradise Magazine to bring the work of six photographers to the #SVLA1 screen on the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

Paradise Magazine is an all-inclusive platform committed to diversity and storytelling. They are a safe space that pushes for representation for all creatives and mediums alike.

Paradise has curated the month-long artist spotlight series showcasing the works of three photographers each two-week periods during the entire month of October.

OCT 1 – 14

Alexa Quinn was born and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has been living in Philadelphia for the past eight years and currently works as the photo editor for Urban Outfitters. Alexa’s personal work focuses on her surroundings: observational studies, existing compositions, and subtle details that are often overlooked. She is inspired by provoking a feeling of nostalgia and warmth.

Tina Willim is a freelance Graphic Designer, Art Director and Photographer based in Berlin – focused on printed objects and analog photography. Willim has made work for clients such as Adidas, RVCA, Stylemag, and more.

Anna Hahoutoff is a Russian photographer born in 1993. Anna is currently living between France and America and working on a large scale photography project gathering series, documenting each American state. Very much influenced by American and mass consumption visual history, Anna’s works pertain to pop culture, icon and dictatorship imagery. With Americana, her core photographic work, she reveals the beauty and efficiency of the American dream imagery looking through a Russian lens.

OCT 15 – 28

Dawit N.M. was born in Ethiopia and moved to America at the age of 7. His experience in Ethiopia led him to have a different perspective on life and also a different level of appreciation for living in America. Countless hours of time spent on the internet developed his interest in film and later photography. His fascination towards community, family, and intra-personal conflicts leads him to use both mediums to help shed light on truths that are hidden from the world and even the individual.

Joseph Novales is a young experimental photographer with a minimalistic style and a passion for creativity. He often looks to his everyday experiences for inspiration, photographing his city, his friends, and the world around him. The idea of capturing someone else’s unique perspective through an image is something that inspires Joseph to push the limits on his work. He currently resides in the North-East section of Philadelphia, and attends the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts. After high school, Novales hopes to attend college in the city of New York and continue his work there.

Kevin Ruiz is a photographer who focuses on capturing a romanticized perspective of everyday life. His photos present a feeling of intimacy while also keeping a sense of anonymity between himself and his subjects. The usage of medium format film impels him to be more decisive when creating images, establishing a deeper connection between the work and the artist. Kevin graduated with a BFA in photography in 2014 and currently lives in New Jersey.

For more information on Paradise Magazine, visit their website or instagram.