SV Presents: Øde by Eliot Lee Hazel (in four parts)

Launched November 1st, 2016 on SVLA1 in downtown Los Angeles, is the first installment of an exclusive four part art video by Eliot Lee Hazel in collaboration with Petecia Le Fawnhawk entitled “Øde.” A continuation of StandardVision’s ‘SV Presents’ series, this elegant, ethereal story represents the program’s fourth production and exemplifies the quality and breadth of their public art curation.
Set against an otherworldly brutalist backdrop, “Øde” depicts a solemn figure wandering alone through a barren and lifeless landscape carrying with her the tree of life. In a grand funeral march, she arrives at the completion of her ritual and honors the source and essence of all living things by finally setting the tree free.

The collaboration between visual artist and photographer Eliot Lee Hazel and creative director Petecia Le Fawnhawk exemplifies their predilection for sublimely mysterious and cinematic visuals. Imagery that is simultaneously epic and poetic combines to produce an intimate portrayal of a symbolic central figure (played by a stoic Annie Montgomery). A traveler or a visitor or both? Le Fawnhawk states, “When Eliot and I were writing the concept, we were both wanting to elude to isolation in an otherworldly brutalist fashioned universe…the protagonist, a lovely keeper of life. Mortal, alien, God.”



As photographer and music video director, Lee Hazel is well known for his signature, otherworldly style. A fearless and truly unique artist, Eliot Lee Hazel’s portraiture and stylized conceptual photography has achieved a worldwide cult following. Splitting his time between LA and London, Eliot approaches fashion, music and personal projects with a distinct and singular vision, often exploring themes of isolation and detachment. He has shot for likeminded brands such as Chapter and Persol, and has collaborated with a range of influential fellow artists including Thom Yorke, Beck, Bat For Lashes, Interpol and Ariel Pink.

Longtime collaborator Le FawnHawk contributes a precise balance and subtle spirituality to the story’s journey in what becomes a delicate and congruous marriage of technology and nature. Hard and soft, concrete yet floating, eternal while ethereal are her trademark aesthetics.

“Øde” will play at the top of every hour from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m throughout the month of November with a new chapter revealed each consecutive week. The Marriott Courtyard screen (aka SVLA1) is located at 901 W. Olympic Blvd in the downtown Los Angeles.
An event to inaugurate the unveiling of the series will take place on the patio of The Yard House restaurant from 8p.m.-Midnight on November 10th, 2016.