StandardVision Activates Landmark Display and Curates Dynamic Public Art Program for Digital Facade in Kansas City

StandardVision recently designed and installed a new digital media facade on the exterior of the 46 Penn Centre in the heart of Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza—dedicated solely to showcasing art for the local community.

Beyond activating the landmark display and integrated lighting facade, StandardVision also launched a rotating public art program in collaboration with building owner Block Real Estate Services (BRES). The art program features work by local and international artists across various disciplines; including video art, dance film, mixed media, and 3D animation.

Superstate by Matthew Willie Garcia

Notable regional artists include Matthew Willie Garcia, a Kansas City-based printmaker whose work moves far beyond the traditional print media, and Zlatko Ćosić, a Yugoslavian born video artist residing in St. Louis, Missouri whose work spans a number of disciplines including short films, video installations, theater projections, and live audio-visual performances. StandardVision collaborated with artist Matthew Willie Garcia to bring one of his 4D prints–which includes screen printing, projection-mapped animation, large-scale installation, and drawing processes–to life through animation.

A Murmuration, Zlatko Ćosić

In addition to the curated art program, StandardVision has developed a branded site-specific, data-driven generative artwork for the screen that features a futuristic 21st Century take on the city center clock tower, providing passersby with real-time data about the local environment presented within a visually dynamic coded vocabulary. In the new year, StandardVision plans to release an exciting look at the process behind this permanent and transforming artwork.

StandardVision looks forward to the continued collaboration with BRES to create a cultural landmark for Kansas City.