StandardVision and the LA Central Library Celebrate Los Angeles History with Moving Portraits Installation

In celebration of the history of the city of Los Angeles, StandardVision has partnered with the LA Central Library to produce a series of digital art pieces centering on important and historical figures to the city of LA which are currently on display on the Central Library Video Wall.

Inspired by the concept of environmental portraiture, these cinematic, slow-moving “portraits,” involve photographing the subjects within a space that represents their stories and their lives. Each of these vignettes features one of six Los Angeles historical figures, all of which are played by a patron or member of the LA Central Library’s community.

Captured at a high frame rate and played back in ultra slow motion, each actor performs simple, gestural movements. As a result, these vignettes retain moments of stillness as if looking at a photograph, but as the viewer looks more closely, movement and action begin to unfold.

The vignettes incorporate details within the set decoration that are both historically accurate, but also symbolically relevant to aspects of these figures’ lives. Working with production designer Eugene Johnson, StandardVision acquired nearly 150 period pieces to decorate the sets and breathe life into these scenes, furthering the cultural and historical accuracy of this project.

StandardVision is proud to partner with the Los Angeles Central Library on this collaboration which truly provides our community with arts-infused projects centered around cultural relevance and an opportunity to expand our knowledge and appreciation for the city of Los Angeles.

These historical portraits are on view daily on the Central Library Video Wall.

Watch the video below for a behind the scenes look at the making of this project.