StandardVision Curates & Produces Custom Work for Los Angeles Central Library

StandardVision has partnered with the architecturally iconic Los Angeles Central Library in the heart of downtown to support the programming initiatives for their new large scale video wall.

The additional curated art will be focused on showcasing a diverse selection of talent working in a wide variety of video art aesthetics. The program will be refreshed quarterly and present the opportunity for special exhibition events.

The collaboration will bring additional curated art to the platform’s existing exhibitions and introduce two new custom visual concepts designed to support the library’s educational philosophies as well as connect both the library’s and Los Angeles’ important local history to its exciting and evolving present.

The first of the two custom visual concepts is an animated series that digitally renovates the intricate decorative patterns adoring the library’s ceilings and halls since the beginning of its history. Based directly on the original designs, the new digital animations bring to motion the patterns in an altogether contemporary fashion while respecting the concepts and craftsmanship of their vintage predecessors.

Supporting these two new additions to the programming is a series of hyper-slow motion vintage portraits of influential figures from Los Angeles’ rich history. The series appropriates period accurate settings and wardrobe and updates them with present-day portrayals and a stylized application of relevant symbolic details.