StandardVision Named Official Curator for US Bank Tower’s Panoramic Lobby Display

StandardVision is proud to announce its appointment as the official program curator and content manager for the 8K resolution, 130-foot wide interior video wall in the renovated lobby of the US Bank Tower in downtown Los Angeles. StandardVision is producing and curating custom high-resolution visual content for the state-of-the-art LED display, refreshing the content regularly. Visual content highlights feature Los Angeles-centric themed video creatives designed specifically to meet the expectations of the iconic building’s diverse and growing tourism audience and premiere tenants, maximizing the stunning visual capabilities of US Bank Tower’s impressive interior screen.

In addition to transforming US Bank Tower’s ground floor lobby into a contemporary exhibition space, StandardVision’s remote management system and in-house creative team, SV Studios, has allowed the building to integrate custom messaging for special requests and in support of relevant cultural events, echoing the Crown lighting program. 

In recent months, StandardVision has already designed and created numerous custom 8K resolution motion-art visuals and both curated and programmed an impressive selection of high-definition creatives by artists and cinematographers as diverse as Morgan Maassen, Armand Dijcks and Ray Collins, Chris Pritchard, Martin Heck, Lia, Eliot Lee Hazel, and Safety Third to name a few. Now the most recognizable and iconic skyscraper in Los Angeles is also the most visually exciting as a street-level destination as well.