StandardVision Presents: OCTAVE by James Medcraft

On View:

#SLVA1 Screen at the Courtyard Marriott

901 W. Olympic Blvd. – Los Angeles, CA

Playing at the top of every hour through October 22nd

StandardVision’s most recent artist showcase features an excerpt of world-renowned cinematographer and director James Medcraft‘s OCTAVE, a visually rhythmic and compelling exploration of the frenetic architecture and geometry of Hong Kong.

Filmed from a moving vehicle, the piece utilizes motion and time to create a seamless evolving architectural canvas, viewing the urban environment from a unique perspective spanning from dawn to dusk. Incorporating a unique post-production process, OCTAVE features techniques akin to modern scanner technologies and early cinemagraph methods. The continuously evolving landscapes reimagine our world seen through the lens of distorted moving time. We see the familiar, but reordered to create a Rorschach interpretation of what we normally understand as static.

As a result of this unique perspective, OCTAVE looks to reimagine the urban landscape in an organic, living state, rearranging and re-defining the environment as a new form of architecture.

Graduating in 2005 from the London College of Printing, Medcraft worked as a designer, cinematographer, and photographer until 2010. Since then, he has been working as a visual artist using lens-based technologies and techniques as a way of exploring the world. Shooting commercial and personal works, he has a keen eye for image storytelling and using traditional techniques in contemporary ways.

Check out an excerpt of Medcraft’s innovative work OCTAVE on view at #SVLA1 through October 22nd, and on his Instagram.