SV Artist Takeover: Elise Mesner

This week, StandardVision continues it’s Artist Takeover series with Elise Mesner. Mesner follows George Byrne in our month-long series “Color Theory.” We have partnered with artists and invited them each to take over the SVLA1 screen on the Marriott Courtyard Hotel, located in Downtown Los Angeles. Each artist receives a week-long recurring 15-second spot to showcase their work to the public.


Mesner’s work showcases bold colors, playful subjects, and simple composition. Her work is derivative of the 60’s pop art movement in color and composition, as well as culturally-relevant subjects. However, she also achieves a sense of surrealism and the avant-garde in her playful handling of subjects, and questioning of purpose and utility.


“Color stories are my favorite,” Mesner says. “If I’m driving along and see a minty building with a chocolate lab running by, I can’t help but jump out of my car and pull out my camera. Maybe this makes me, me?” Mesner is a clear candidate for this “Color Series” month, but her playfulness sets her apart. She describes her process: “Generally spending a moment spacing out an area or product, getting to know it, letting it marinade. And then I find a new habitat to capture something unique. Always following my heart-gut.” Mesner’s approach gives each piece a unique independence from the body of work as a whole, something that many artists strive to achieve. 

View more of her work here or on Instagram @lellopepper