SV Artist Takeover: Izaac Enciso

StandardVision continues its artist takeover on our SVLA1 screen on the Marriott Courtyard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles with work by Izaac Enciso. Enciso is the second, of many artists, to be invited to take over a week-long recurring 15-second spot to showcase their work to the public.



Enciso’s work is in keeping with the month’s theme: Color Theory. His photography closely observes the urban environment of Los Angeles, picking up on bold-colored subjects amidst a washed out background. These subjects appear sculptural in composition, and bring to mind a bright, modern, still-life, observed rather than staged.


Enciso works in all mediums, intending to expand the established limits of visual perception. He also uses his work to promote environmentalism, social justice, animal rights, and ethical matters. Enciso describes his abstract work: “It’s very important to me to present viewers with an emotion or energy, a feeling in my work, similar to the way music makes people feel. In this sense, instead of expressing myself with words, I try to speak with abstract images because they can represent more than one feeling. So you don’t get one single idea from an image but a reaction to what it represents to you as an individual.”


You can see Enciso’s work on his website here, and follow him on instagram @izaac_enciso