SV PRESENTS: Pitch Studios

“Your presence on the internet is fickle. You want to seem interesting, witty, relevant, meme-friendly and confident but sometimes you just want a break. Our visualization is from all corners of the internet, from the places you don’t want anyone to know about to the places everyone’s heard about.”

Pitch Studiosthe brainchild of Australian artist Christie Morgan, is a progressive and future-forward creative studio specializing in the fashion and art world.

Catch them on the SVLA1 screen in Downtown LA until March 4th, 2018!

You have quite a few projects under your belt. What are you doing at the moment?

That we do! We’re actually in the midst of launching 2 major studio-initiated projects and a big client project! We just launched a series of trend reports called Pitch Paper which discusses a number of topics across the Internet, Internet-culture and new technologies. They’ll be available on our website for download with some free wallpapers.

We also are about to launch our first interactive experience in early March, which we’ve been working in collaboration with some incredible artists. You’ll have to stay tuned for that one.

We’ve also signed off on a partnership with the website building company Wix, where we’ll be designing our own custom website template and 3D illustrations.

How did you originally get started doing this style of work and how has your work evolved?

For me I’ve really been fascinated with the way you can create objects in 3D and make new worlds for those objects to live in. I have a background in more of a traditional approach to design through branding, identity and art direction but have always experimented within the digital illustration and 3D animation realm. Our video for SV is a great representation of where the studio is headed, but we’ve still got a lot to develop! 

How/what do you think your aesthetic communicates with you audience i.e. how are ways people talk about it?

People generally associate our work with a feeling of being extremely visually stimulating, which I love! For Pitch Studios, the aesthetic we’re putting forward is really an amalgamation of things I find visually exciting but always has a reference to the future and how we’re constantly shifting our ideas about technology.

What is your aesthetic inspired by?

Weird, interesting textures or colors and the Internet mostly.

What has your favorite collaboration been and why?

Honestly, it’s so hard to choose. All of the people that we’re lucky enough to collaborate with have their own unique elements that they add to the mix and makes it a really unique experience. Of course loved working with you guys at StandardVision because you really allow us to be truly creative and develop an experience that’s true to our ethos.

Explain what represents gratification or achievement within your finished work or throughout your process.

When you show your work to a peer or peer group and they completely understand what you were aiming for on a conceptual and aesthetic level. That for me is the greatest representation that you’ve achieved what the audience or market is interested in.

Also being recognized by influential figures or people you’ve looked up to is always a huge achievement!

Keep current with Pitch Studios and their projects over on Instagram, and check them out while they’re playing on the SVLA1 screen in Downtown LA until March 4th, 2018!