SV Showcase: 40 NORTH – This Is Not Magritte by Ivan Skorik



Ivan Skorik’s “This Is Not Magritte” is our third film to be featured on the 40 North Film Festival SV Showcase this month.

This is one of the three films to be awarded a cinematography prize by StandardVision at the 40 NORTH Dance Film Festival, a festival aiming to present a breadth of films which demonstrate the many exceptional and diverse facets of film and dance.

“This Is Not Magritte”, directed by Ivan Skorik, is a story for two. Told through the great paintings of René Magritte. In movement. The film was awarded Best student film at Bestias Danzantes (Santiago, Chile) and has been selected in various international festivals around the world.

Ivan Skorik (born 1984) is a student of Directing Faculty of Moscow Film School (Dean — Alexei Popogrebsky). Graduating Fall 2016 he already has directed several acknowledged short works. Booktrailer ‘’Dream’’ has won The National Festival of Booktrailers, a one-shot story won Stars Up! Frame DoP’s contest (participated as a director) and also his teaser for TV-series ‘’Obsessed” was selected by AVK Production and TV3 channel as style-guiding for shooting series next year.

Samantha Zauscher from 40 North Film Festival writes about This is Not Magritte:

“As is popular to claim, if ‘everything is a remix​,’​ then this is one of the freshest ones I’ve seen in a good amount of time. Inspired by the paintings of surrealist artist René Magritte, Ivan Skorik at some point made the fabulous decision to translate Magritte’s vision into his visually engaging dance film/movement piece, This is Not Magritte.
​It’s ​immediately enticing because you’re either a Magritte fan (and find charm in the title alone)​,​ or because by it’s merits alone​, it’s a highly visual and engrossing film that never self-indulges. At a thoughtful length of six minutes, This is Not Magritte is exactly the kind of dance film to showcase as an example of moving beyond the dance-on-stage allusion many might not even think to explore.
Created as part of director Ivan Skorik’s Cinema Dance Project at the Moscow Film School in Russia, This is Not Magritte puts a strong case forward for Skorik’s skill not only as a director but also talented collaborator with a​ deserved shout-out to a stellar crew of technicians and artists: Danila Goryunkov (D​irector of ​P​hotography​), Sofia Kobozeva (Production Designer), Anna Oganisyan (Makeup), Pensees (Music). Though one could argue they had an already-beloved inspiration to work from, few ‘remixes’ actually deliver the cohesive production value and engaging visuals—especially in a new genre—​that ​this film does so well.”


This is Not Magritte will be screened on the SVLA1 screen in downtown Los Angeles, at 901 W Olympic Blvd., every Thursday – Sunday from 9pm-midnight until January 8, 2017.



He — Nikita Kurilow
She — Olesya Astapova

Director: Ivan Skorik
Director of Photography: Danila Goryunkov
Production Designer: Sonya Kobozeva
Assistant To Production Designer: Anna Shanaeva
Makeup Artist: Anna Oganisyan
Editor: Ksenia Galyga
Clean-up Artists: Vadim Sokur, Sergey Borodin
Colorist: Oleg Sharabanov
Music: Pensees — Existence
Sound Design: Ksenia Galyga

Head Of Cinema Dance Project (Moscow Film School): Evgeny Kulagin
Dean Of Acting Faculty (Moscow Film School): Ingeborga Dapkunaite

Special Thanks: Naira Geradze, Anastasia Ksenofontova, Angelina Ksenofontova, Anastasia Kulikova, Anastasia Lavrentieva, Andrey Maevskiy, Mikhail Podkolzin, Asya Skorik