SV SHOWCASE: Chromatic by Shane Griffin

For our latest SV Showcase, StandardVision teamed up with Pitch Studios to bring you a series of animations by NYC and LA-based artists to exploring work outside of traditional mediums and their natural environment.

One of the artists to participate in the showcase is Shane Griffin, an Irish born Director & Artist who’s work spans a broad range of disciplines, from animation and live action, to sculpture and CGI. Shane has created work for some of the worlds leading brands & agencies including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Ford, and Adidas.

We sat down with Shane to ask him some questions about his diverse skillset and the inspiration behind his elegant Chromatic piece: an exploration in light and glass.

Can you give us a little bit of background about yourself?

I’m originally from Dublin, Ireland, and have been working in the film and design world for about 12 years. In 2014 I moved to New York City, where I currently live. I also spent a number of years working in London.  Although I’ve no formal artistic or design education, I’ve always had an innate ability to make images, I think my brother got me a crack version of Photoshop when I was 12, the rest is history.

You work in a variety of disciplines, how did you get into the work you do today?

I’ve worked at various different studios and companies throughout the last decade, some more design focused, some more film and vfx heavy, some purely art, so I’ve taken a little chunk of experience with me everywhere I’ve been. It’s allowed me to wear many hats, and just sit in the creative chair. The work I do today is a mashup of my past experiences in design and visual effects, but with storytelling through a more artistic lens. I also enjoy learning new tech, so I’ve always been an avid adopter of new mediums to create art.

Where does the inspiration for the “Chromatic” series come from?

The inspiration from this piece came out of conversation I had with a peer, we were talking about how over complicated things have become, and how theres a necessity for people to know the full story on how work has been created. Process reels and BTS shoots etc etc. I left that meeting thinking I wanted to do something minimal and magic. Then one day while walking home after getting a new pair of glasses, it hit me.

Your “Chromatic” series looks like neither live action based nor animation – it seems to lie somewhere in between the two. Can you tell us about the process used to create these works?

A magician never reveals his tricks!

You’ve made work for a lot of bigger brands and artists such as Nike, Apple, Kanye West, and more. How do you balance freelance work and creative freedom? 

I’ve tried to marry the two before, but quickly realized that it can be damaging to your growth and mental health, so now I put them into ‘buckets’.

Focusing on longer term artistic goals helps me detach myself from more commercial short-term projects. I’ve only being experimenting with this mental divide recently and so far it’s been working great!

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

The creative process. Discovering, experimenting, trying, failing, trying again, repeating that 8 to 10 times! The joy of creating something unique.

What advice would you give to the youth of today entering into similar visually creative fields?

Don’t let Instagram bother you! Take your time, learn your craft, invest in yourself.

You can view more of Shane’s work here and catch Chromatic playing on the SVLA1 screen through July 18.