SV Showcase: Female Focused Video Art Curated by Zaiba Jabbar of Hervisions

Over the next few months, the SVLA1 screen will feature a female focused video art series curated by Zaiba Jabbar, video artist, director, & founder of multi-discplinary platform, Hervisions. You can catch the work of Clara Terne, Sophie Rogers, and Giselle Angeles AKA Fragmatista playing at the top and 30 minute marks of every hour through February 17 of next year.


SVLA1 screen | Courtyard Marriott LA LIVE

901 W Olympic Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90015

November 19, 2018 – February 17, 2019

About the Artists

Clara Terne says about Anenomes, “For this site specific work I imagined people seeing, wandering by, in cars, in traffic jams. I wanted to give them a portal to a parallel life – deep ocean space – floating about, as pom-poms, in a current.”

Clara Terne is a digital artist and director based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work conveys magic, attention to material and a high sense of aesthetics. Terne’s select clients include Nike, Wired Japan, Telenor, and Esprit.

Sophie Rogers’ Ode to Faustine takes references from Adolfo Bioy Casares’ sci fi short story: The Invention of Morel. Within this novel, a criminal on a deserted island falls in love with a woman named Faustine. Throughout the story the narrator’s love for Faustine intensifies, and he begins to leave small gifts made from plants and messages in the sand, desperately trying to get her attention. However, it becomes clear that Faustine is in fact a digital projection displayed every day at the same time; Faustine is just an image created by a machine, made by a man named Morel. Eventually the protagonist finds the machine, and inserts himself into the virtual image to be with Faustine, subsequently; he dies. This work explores themes of isolation and loss, and the romanticization of alternate worlds and fictional universes.

Sophie Rogers is a visual artist whose practice focuses on the act of storytelling within virtual, manufactured spaces. Through compositing and computer-generated imagery,  she builds brightly coloured landscapes and compositions that explore promises of alternate world and imagined realities.  
Rogers is based in London and has had work exhibited at the Stanley Picker Gallery, Barbican Centre, Tate Modern as part of Offprint London with Self Publish Be Happy TV and again with Future Late; the opening of the Switch House.  She was selected to participate in Masterclass 2017 hosted by the Zabludowicz Collection and later that year presented her first solo exhibition as part of Academy Costumes Residency in partnership with Platform, Southwark.

Giselle Angeles aka Fragmatista’s work Plantal is a surreal 3d video inspired by the interconnection of nature and futuristic abstract environments and surrealist landscapes. Digital domains leak out of the carcass of the black box and into the streets with the luscious details of the plants and how they move subtly when they communicate with each other, echoing the operatic vibrations of communal coexistence.

Giselle Angeles aka Fragmatista is a Peruvian New Media Artist currently living in New York. Her work reflects interactive landscapes, investigation and technology. Her art has been published in forums like Fubiz , Feltzine, Giphy Arts -GIPHY , Hervisions, British Concil Perú. Angeles has worked and collaborated with different musicians, artists and design studios.

About the Curator

Zaiba Jabbar is an award-winning film director and moving image artist, as well as the founder of Hervisions, a multidisciplinary platform showcasing femme focused visual arts launched in 2016. With nearly 10 years of experience in the industry, Zaiba has curated Hervisions exhibitions in LA and London, created a Hervisions visual podcast in collaboration with Specta and commissioned work for i-D’s Fifth Sense x Chanel platform. She is based in London and is currently Curator-in-Residence at LUX.