SV Showcase: Lil Buck with Icons of Modern Art by Andy Margetson

Lil Buck with Icons of Modern Art by Andy Margetson is our first film to be featured as part of our SV Showcase this month. This is one of the three films to be awarded the StandardVision Showcase Award for Artistic Achievement at the Los Angeles Dance Film Festival.

Andy Margetson is a director and writer based out of London who loves working with music and movement. His latest dance film features jookin’ dancer Lil Buck exploring the halls of Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris. Catch part of Andy’s film at the SVLA1 screen in Downtown LA every ThursdaySunday9pm–12pmMarch 28—May 6.

What is the concept behind Lil Buck with Icons of Modern Art?

The idea was to show Lil Buck reacting to the space, the architecture and the art within it. I wanted him to start outside, just walking normally. And then as he enters the building, the music starts and he starts to dance.

How much did Lil Buck and his dance style in particular influence the direction of your dance film?

Completely. I knew he would be able to improv and we could work very quickly. I wanted to shoot the film more or less in one shot – and knowing his style of dance, I knew that wouldn’t phase him!

Your work includes dance films as well as commercials. Do you find one to be more interesting to make than the other?

Commercials are great – but in terms of dance, the time constraints can be difficult. For me it’s exciting to have time to see the dance and allow it to move you and that’s much easier with a little bit more time.

What is it about dance that makes your heart sing?

I don’t know. That’s the thing about dance, when it connects – it connects with you in the gut, directly. And you feel instant emotion. It’s a magic combination of music and movement – and adding a camera to that is amazingly exciting.

Is there any dance style in particular that you have a soft spot for?

I love ballet. I love street-dance: breaking, popping, flexing. I’m learning more about contemporary now.

What is the main challenge you run into when directing movement-driven work?

For me, finding the music is the key. Once you have that – everything else can flow from there.

Catch this amazing dance film playing in Downtown Los Angeles ThursdaySunday9pm–12pm, from March 28—May 6. View more of Andy’s amazing films and commercials on his website.