SV SHOWCASE: Look-See by Daniel Savage

Look-See, the animated film by Daniel Savage, is one of three artworks screening as part of our SV Showcase series this month, curated by Think Tank Gallery. The SV Showcase program aims to present the work of emerging and established artists in a site-specific, month-long, exhibition on the #SVLA1 screen in Downtown Los Angeles.


Daniel Savage is a designer and animation director based in Brooklyn, NY. He has created projects such as Yule Log 2.0 and Savage’s work has been recognized by Wired Magazine, The Webbys, One Show, and SXSW among others. In 2012 he was named a Young Gun by the Art Directors Club. He has taught design and animation at SVA, NYU, and guest lectured at a wide variety of schools and events.


Look-See features an abstract, geometric character interacting with his grid-like environment. The project was conceived and executed while on a meditative “work vacation” to Lake Tahoe and Los Angeles, with a brief stop in Reno. He writes about his process: “I didn’t really care about writing a story and wanted to be a bit experimental. I drew a series of sequences on their own and later pieced them together in various ways to see if I could make sense of it all.” Savage worked using both visual and conceptual themes, based on his new environment as well as ideas that were present in his mind at the time. 


Savage enlisted Ambrose Yu to create the sound design for the short film. Yu was restricted to percussive instruments, and was given a loose frame of reference to work with. Yu decided to begin by sampling real drums, then quickly moved to creating his own percussive sounds digitally, which better matched the balance of mechanical and human elements in the film.


Excerpts from the film will play on the SVLA1 screen during the SV Showcase programming from 9pm – midnight Thursday – Sunday through November 6. The screen is located on the Marriott Courtyard in downtown Los Angeles, at 901 W. Olympic Blvd. You can find more information about the program here.

See more of Daniel Savage’s work here or on his Instagram.