Double Identity, by Elizabeth Carren

This month, StandardVision has partnered with Month of Photography Los Angeles to present the work of both local and global photographers. Featuring a collection of themed work each week, Month of Photography Los Angeles aims to expose the public to the diversity of contemporary photography. This exhibition was curated from submissions to MOPLA’s annual Open Call.

The program will be on view from January 16 through February 12, with photographic exhibitions throughout every hour.

StandardVision’s SV Showcase program aims to present the work of emerging and established artists in a site-specific month long exhibition turned installation on the #SVLA1 screen on the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

Places, by Enzo Amato

 January 16 – 22: Places

Enzo Amato – Cuba Street Art Project

Mara Palena – The floating piers

Natasha Lee – Montana, USA

Salvatore Balice – Maroc

Widline Cadet – Home Bodies

People, by Christopher Kern

January 23 – 29: People

Annie Tritt – Transcending Self  – Transgender and Gender Creative Youth

Christopher Kern – Mariachi Portraits

Sandra Chen Weinstein – SHE / They

Sascha Kraus, Forthright  – Stronger than a weapon

Teri Lacy – An Exercise in Stillness (Too Loud A Solitude)

Narratives, by Chloe Meynier

January 30 – February 5: Narratives

Caitlin Strom and Missy Washington – Unchronicled Explorations

Chloe Meynier – June 17

Elisabeth Caren – Double Identity

Kurt Simonson – Northwoods Journals

Maëlle Collin – Shelter

Interiors & Exteriors, by Barbara Karant

February 6 – 12: Interiors + Exteriors

Barbara Karant – 820 Ebony/Jet

Justin Corbett – Pecatonica

Leonardo Magrelli – Meerror

Rachelle Mendez – Minimal and Contemporary Landscape Photographs of California

Yuri Hasegawa – Portrait Series


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