SV Showcase: Not on the Same Page by Kriz Tonian

“Not on the Same Page” is the second of three animated shorts selected for our SV Showcase this month. Curated by RVSVR, these films are visual explorations of what reality and virtual reality mean to each artist.

Kriz Tonian is a California born and raised multimedia artist, director, and founding member of both The Great Nordic Sword Fights and Ghosting TV  – experimental video collectives based in Los Angeles and beyond. Both her personal and commercial practices have allowed her to develop a signature aesthetic that explores the subcultures of art, technology, fashion, exercise, virtual reality, and even augmented reality.

She interprets each trope through her bold generated environments, with “Not on the same page” being her most recent adventure into a virtual world depicting a space that is simultaneously calming and meditative while being an overstimulating mashup of clashing colors, shapes, perspectives, and patterns. The piece maintains a soft feeling through the soothing ebb and flow of each object on screen despite the visual overload, speaking to Kriz Tonian’s perspective on virtual reality as a space to escape and meditate while being surrounded by the manifestations of our true desires. She uses her retrospective ability to inform her opinions and actions in the world, choosing to participate in it as a better human being.

Kriz Tonian has collaborated with numerous companies and artists that include Adult Swim, Bjork, MTV, Toyota, Electric Objects, Samsung, and Super Deluxe in addition to her personal projects. You can see more of her work on the SVLA1 screen in downtown Los Angeles, at 901 W Olympic Blvd. every Thursday – Sunday from 9pm-Midnight through July 2, or on her Instagram here.