SV Showcase: Robert Ek

For this month’s SV Showcase, StandardVision teamed up with Swedish artist and designer Robert Ek. He pairs his surreal 3D animation with electronic music, creating looping mini-movies from another world. His universe is as odd as it is compelling, and watching just one leaves you wanting more.

Robert Ek is one of the featured artists in our collaboration with H+ Creative. See his work on his Instagram and on our SVLA1 Screen in Downtown LA through March 4.


How would you describe your work in a nutshell?

Emotions and thoughts embodied in never ending snippets from a distant universe of aesthetic chaos 🙂

Do you come up with ideas for your animations before you hear just the right song, or does the song usually come first? What about when it comes to composing your own music?

It can go both ways. Sometimes I implement the mental pictures that pops up listening to a great tune. Other times I create the animation first and then search for the perfect soundtrack.

When it comes to composing my own music I usually creates the animation and the soundtrack at the same time, custom made.


What are some iconic, recurring elements or symbols in your work and why are they important to you?

I guess I have some shapes, objects and colors that triggers my creativity. For example: aircrafts, mountains, bananas, pink and blue pastel colors and so on…

And by combining different objects and put them in unexpected environments new, interesting scenes comes to life.

Was there a point when your animations really took off, or has it been gradual?

It has been very gradual.


How long does a piece take to create from start to finish?

It´s very different, depending on the complexity and expression. If the idea is all clear in my mind and if I do not encounter any problems in the process, a piece could be finished in about 8 hours. Sometimes it could take several days.

You can catch Robert Ek’s surreal animations on the SVLA1 screen in downtown Los Angeles, at 901 W Olympic Blvd playing throughout the hour through March 4.