SV Showcase: Shelley Holcomb of Curate LA Guest Curates Three Video Artists

The second in StandardVision’s new guest curatorial program, SV Showcase:

Three video artists selected by Shelley Holcomb of Curate LA.

“Ornaments” by Julieta Gil

“Immeuble-Villas II” by Sabrina Ratté


“Do I Look Like a Lady? (Comedians and Singers)” by Mickalene Thomas

On View:

November 10 – December 7

Thursday – Sunday

9pm – Midnight

#SVLA1 screen at the Courtyard Marriott

901 W. Olympic Blvd – Los Angeles CA

The recently developed SV Showcase program aims to present the work of emerging and established artists in a site-specific month long exhibition turned installation on the #SVLA1 screen in Downtown Los Angeles. Curated by a different gallery or organization each month, the program will regularly occupy the 9pm – Midnight timeslot of the 4-story screen, encouraging audiences to participate in a new and innovative outdoor exhibition experience.

For our second collaboration, guest curator Shelley Holcomb of Curate LA selects three international video artists who are currently exhibiting at different cultural institutions in Los Angeles. Utilizing a diverse range of techniques from computer generated environments to collaged archival footage, each work in this showcase is a representation of the unique aesthetic approaches of contemporary artists working in the medium of video today.

To inaugurate the launching of these new curated works, StandardVision is hosting a gathering with the artists and curator that is open to the public this Thursday, November 10th starting at 8pm at the corner of West Olympic Blvd and Fransisco Street. The videos will screen every fifteen minutes for three hours between 9p.m. and midnight at 901 W. Olympic Blvd in downtown Los Angeles.

About the films:

“Ornaments” by Julieta Gil juxtaposes a computer generated architectural space with the existing context of the LA skyline. The work is in part inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s appropriations of Mayan ornament as well as the contrasting minimalism of the California “Light and Space” movement. Concurrent with the SV Showcase, Julieta will be exhibiting this work at Human Resources as part of Femmebit, organized by Sharsten Plenge, Kate Parsons and Janna Avner.

“Immeauble-Villas” by Sabrina Ratté is an ongoing series of abstract interior spaces where electronic textures and architectural elements are subtly animated. Referencing Le Corbusier’s standardization of apartment buildings, selections from the series are displayed in their integrity as “tableaux”— with each video loop presented on individual screens. The work is presented as a dye sublimation on aluminum with video augmentation especially for this exhibition— the nature of the printed surface itself enhancing the artist’s interest in architecture, corporate interiors, and the [un]built landscape. Concurrent with the SV Showcase, Sabrina will be exhibiting this work at Young Project as part of Lieux-Dits, curated by Sharsten Plenge and Paul Young.

“Do I Look Like a Lady? (Comedians and Singers)” by Mickalene Thomas is an excerpt from a two-channel video that weaves together a chorus of black female performers, past and present, including standup comedians Jackie “Moms” Mabley and Wanda Sykes, and pop-culture icons Eartha Kitt and Whitney Houston. An incisive, moving, and at times riotous portrait of the multiplicities of womanhood, the work builds upon Thomas’s ongoing reconsideration of black female identity, presentation, and representation through a queer lens. Concurrent with the SV Showcase, Mickalene will be exhibiting this work at MOCA as part of Mickalene Thomas: Do I Look Like A Lady?, organized by MOCA Curatorial Assistant Rebecca Matalon, with Executive Assistant to the Chief Curator Hana Cohn.

About the artists:

Julieta Gil uses 3D modeling and animation, installation, sculpture, and print to explore themes of simulation, architecture and domesticity. Her work incorporates both generic and iconic elements. Through analog and digital processes, she reprograms these elements, producing a new visual language that looks to reference familiar forms while also developing new discourses around them.

Sabrina Ratté’s video practice investigates the creation of virtual environments generated by analog technologies. Electricity, as raw material, is sculpted, transformed and altered digitally to be reborn as luminous and vibrating architectures. Her work exists on the edge of science-fiction, between abstraction and figuration, utopia and dystopia, architecture and landscape.

Known for her painted and photographic portraits of family, friends, lovers, and pop-culture icons, Mickalene Thomas’s work introduces a complex vision of what it means to be a woman and expands common definitions of beauty. Thomas draws on and deconstructs 19th- and 20th-century traditions of portraiture, replacing the ubiquitous white female nude with voluptuous African American women. Rather than being objects of a spectator’s gaze, Thomas’s women are self-possessed, socially and sexually empowered.

About the curator:

Shelley Holcomb is an artist, curator, writer, and co-creator of Curate LA. Founded in 2014, Curate LA is a cultural organization that provides an online platform for the artistic happenings and art community in Los Angeles. With a strong connection to the city and its artists, Curate LA’s mission is to connect and showcase members of Los Angeles’s thriving, creative landscape and to help everyone discover and experience art they’ll love.

About SV Creative:

StandardVision Creative is an artistic division of the architecturally-integrated media façade company StandardVision. SV Creative makes and curates art and cultural content showcased on LED media facades around the world. Our primary goal is to develop a heightened cultural discourse through our outdoor exhibition spaces—generating new outlets to expose the public eye to the arts.