SVLA1: A Night of Art Programming – Thursday, July 13, 2017

Join StandardVision for a night of art programming from 8pm-Midnight Thursday, July 13 under the #SVLA1 screen on the Marriott Courtyard L.A. Live in Downtown Los Angeles.


Thursday July 13 | 8pm-Midnight | RSVP HERE

Yard House (across from the Courtyard Marriott)

800 West Olympic Boulevard – Los Angeles CA

SV Presents: The Body Dictionary (on view through July 30)

Directed by Katherine Helen Fisher and Shimmy Boyle, The Body Dictionary chronicles the chaos of feminine conformity through the use of gestural vocabulary. Trapped in their languid, fashionable, sun-drenched house, four women find themselves bound together between glass and rock in an obsessive recapitulation of veiled aggression. Filmed on location at The Frey House II in Palm Springs in collaboration with the Palm Springs Art Museum, Director of Photography John Torres, and LA clothing designers 34N 118W.

SV SHOWCASE: Summer Sweet Wave (on view through August 6)


ORION BEACH by Campbell Logan

Originally created as a music video for an 80 synth-rock album, Orion Beach quickly took on a life of its own to become what NPR calls “the ultimate chill zone.” Five fun-loving friends travel to a mysterious island where they shred on jet skis, relax on the beach, and battle crazy red-eyed giant heads to discover the secrets of the island on the chillest vacation ever. The video played in the showcase is a one minute clip from the five minute film by Campbell Logan that you can watch here.


Prismatic Paradise is a tropical escape created by collaborative artist duo FLOAT that moves between minimal and maximal aesthetics with LA’s most popular botanical emblems, the palm tree and bird of paradise. Kaleidoscopic dialogues beckon you into summertime Shangri-La, diffusing borders towards an ultimate chill state.

THE GUYS  by Steve Smith

The culmination of Steve Smith’s piece is one of dizzying neon colors and forms, all sickly sweet, melting in the summer heat. It takes us back to our childhood getting Looney Toons popsicles from an ice cream truck at the park, not being able to eat it fast enough in the sun, watching it slowly melt down our hands and splash on the ground – a deformed archetype of summer. It’s also reminiscent of the oppressively hot summers that Los Angeles has, only seeing life after dark as the sun disappears and glittering lights and neons start to illuminate the nights that blend together.

ARTIST TAKEOVER: Tavepong Pratoomwong

Thailand-based street photographer Tavepong Pratoomwong is taking over the Marriott screen with a selection of images from his vast portfolio. A growing name in the photographic community, his photographs are comprised of unique compositions, unexpected angles and crops, and of course perfect timing. Each one reveals a hidden narrative within his locale while existing in a larger narrative that is almost mystical, defying nature and gravity. You can read more about Pratoomwong’s work here.

The screenings can be seen and enjoyed from multiple angles anywhere within a three block radius of 901 W. Olympic Blvd. in downtown Los Angeles, and the full program could be leisurely experienced with food or drinks at the Yard House across the street.