SV Showcase x SPECTA Review: 99centbrains

For this month’s SV Showcase, StandardVision teamed up with the visual podcast app SPECTA to bring you vibrant and mind melting animations from four international artists that are pushing the boundaries of video art and animation.

The second artist to be featured in the SPECTA showcase is Franky Aguilar aka 99centbrains. Much of his digital work is characterized by references to out-of-date computer programs juxtaposed with Greek and Roman statues awash with pastels.

99centbrains is a self taught iOS Developer/Entrepreneur with a background in Production art and Design. He studied Web Design and Interactive Media at the Art Institute of CA-San Francisco and then worked at Zynga as a Lead UI Artist and Concept Designer. 99centbrains began developing iOS applications in 2011 and started a small indie development shop in 2012. His unique aesthetic in the areas of Art Direction, Creative Experience Design, Development, and Project management lead to work with artists and brands such as Alex Pardee, David Choe, Steve Aoki, and Snoop Dogg. 

Speaking about his piece Ultra Neon Beams, Aguilar explains “I was an early adopter of the vapor wave aesthetics back in the early net art days. One of my first solo shows was an entire book on digital art from MSPaint to Blingee gifs, and even glitch work from early 3d PC games. This piece I made is an homage to all of that…in color, shape, and even in form. With a fresh twist to give it that ultra neon beam it needs.”

You can catch 99centbrain’s Ultra Neon Beams  on the SVLA1 screen in downtown Los Angeles, at 901 W Olympic Blvd playing throughout the hour until April 9. Also, be sure to check out the SPECTA app for exclusive art from other artists like 99centbrains that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own phone.