SV Showcase x SPECTA Review: Blake Kathryn

For this month’s SV Showcase, StandardVision teamed up with the visual podcast app SPECTA to bring you vibrant and mind melting animations from four international artists that are pushing the boundaries of video art and animation.

The second artist to be featured in the SPECTA showcase is Blake Kathryn. Blake Kathryn is a Los Angeles based multidisciplinary designer and content creator with a passion for patterns, shapes, and vibrant colors. Some of her clients include Microsoft, Macy’s, Bloomberg, Western Digital, and Lazy Oaf to name a few.

We asked Kathryn to tell us about the three pieces playing on the SVLA1 screen this month.

“Immersed is art of a series for Electric Objects, that explored the expanding universe of hyperreality and our relationship with digital immersion vs our immediate environment. This particular piece explored the mixed emotions of being in a constant state of connection.”

“Kiss is inspired by the extra loving holiday that is Valentine’s Day I worked this piece to send digital kisses into the net. Lips and hands are my favorite elements of the human body to work with, being the most sensual. With lips in particular I enjoy going a little uncanny valley in their texturing to contrast the candy colored palette that naturally abstracts them.”

About Rorschach: “Liquids are easily the most challenging material I’ve worked with – there’s so much trial and error involved to getting the look you envision. This piece resulted from a liquid therapy of sorts, allowing myself to freely explore the technical odds and ends on my own time. During these experiments I found the process complimented the core concept of the Rorscharch test, and reflected the render to create a milky ink blot of my own.”

“Hello is designed to celebrate Specta’s first episode, with a welcoming wave! Simple motions can warp into a new look when the human body is abstracted or dissected. In this instance, a simple wave turned into a dance-esque jingle from the removal of the body outside of the hands.”

 “Stay Wavy was made while grooving along to some super fresh tunes. I have a strong love for ambient dance music and set out to create a complimentary cathartic loop based off of those vibes.”

You can catch Blake Kathryn’s work on the SVLA1 screen in downtown Los Angeles, at 901 W Olympic Blvd playing throughout the hour until April 9. Also, be sure to check out the SPECTA app for exclusive art from other artists like Blake Kathryn that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own phone.