SV Showcase x SPECTA Review: EGO

For this month’s SV Showcase, StandardVision teamed up with the visual podcast app SPECTA to bring you vibrant and mind melting animations from four international artists that are pushing the boundaries of video art and animation.

Our first artist, EGO, hails from Australia and is both an audio-visual DJ and a video artist with a knack for for high intensity, cut and paste, multi-media collages. He has exhibited at Sydney’s Vivid Festival and made music videos from labels such as Modular, Sweat it Out, and Future Classic as well as commissions for brands such as Red Bull, Fuzzy and Nissan.

In 2013 he teamed with music producer Touch Sensitive to create the world’s first instagram-sourced, user-generated song and music video. Ego also works with youth music and art initiative Heaps Decent.

We asked Ego to tell us about the three pieces playing on the #SVLA1 screen this month.

“This pearlescent fruit bowl is from the music video for Sachi’s “Hold On”. This was me dipping my toe in vaporwave. I’m normally one for a bolder palette but wanted to take my work into these iridescent hues to explore worlds trapped inside of shells.”


“I styled this and a bunch of other critters for Gold Coast producer Paces’ new music video. The clip sees Paces stumbling into a series of savage beasts but I found that idea a little flexible, what is savage to some may not be to others. The Frilled Neck Lizard here for example, is pretty charming til you get on its bad side then it goes from 0 to satanical in a snap.”

“Something a bit different from me, this darker slower piece was an install for part of Tasmania’s MONA FOMA – an incredible festival unmatched the world over, if you ever get the chance! Sampling Hobart’s rare and unique flora the original installation transformed a room into a virtual train carriage, gliding through a midsummer’s paradise.”

You can catch all of Ego’s artworks on the SVLA1 screen in downtown Los Angeles, at 901 W Olympic Blvd. playing multiple times every hour through April 9. Be sure also to check out the SPECTA app for exclusive art from other artists like Ego that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own phone.