SVLA1: A Night of Art Programming – Wednesday, November 15

Join StandardVision for a night of art programming from 8-11pm, Wednesday, November 15 under the #SVLA1 screen on the Marriott Courtyard L.A. Live in Downtown Los Angeles.


Wednesday, November 15 | 8-11pm | RSVP HERE

Reception at the Yard House (across from the Courtyard Marriott)

800 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

SV PRESENTS: BB L’Orange directed by Milan del Vecchio (on view through January 7)

Created, animated, and directed by Milan del Vecchio, BB L’Orange is an inter-dimensional dreamscape lush with whimsical oddities and nonsensical play. We follow the journey of BB L’Orange through various portals where floating figures and talking heads exchange banter against illustrative backdrops collaged with bizarrely headlined vintage newspapers. Milan brings a  wide creative skill set to her SV Presents piece, ranging from costume design and storyboarding, to traditional painting and album art. Alongside the diversity of experiences gained from both working and traveling internationally, she brings a different perspective to the SVLA1 screen through a combination of classic animation, whimsical storyline, and unexpected juxtaposition.

SV SHOWCASE: “Absolute Reality” curated by Superchief Gallery

This month, StandardVision has invited LA/NY-based Superchief Gallery to curate a series of artists who take the objects of our dreams and create compositions that are outside the scope of formal organization. Featuring works by Ondrej Zunka, Ian Valentine, El Popo Sangre, and FLUX, these artists combine unexpected juxtaposition, non-sequitur, and elements of surprise to create an Absolute Reality. You can see “Absolute Reality” Thursday – Sunday, 9pm – midnight through January 7, 2018.

Ian Valentine

Valentine’s work is precise and perfect with painstakingly rendered environments that, almost illogically, defy conventional laws of physics and our world’s physical limitations. It’s valentine’s contradictory method/medium combination that makes his work unique within this contemporary era of 3d animation

Ondrej Zunka

Ondrej Zunka’s unexpected entrance into the world of 3D animation and motion graphics has given him a unique ability to create fantastic scenarios that yield vibrant and humorous pieces. Many of his works delve deeper into aesthetics and storytelling, creating narratives that range from nebulous landscapes to self-aware AI – each set to a unique soundtrack that adds another layer to Zunka’s tales.

El Popo Sangre

For El Popo Sangre (née Paulin Rogues), making artwork is about conveying an honest representation of how he, and his figures, feel. His oeuvre is a special blend of science fiction, cyber punk, literary absurdism, and inspired by Alejandro Jodorowsky. For “Absolute Reality,” Superchief paired Rogues with Brooklyn based flex dancing pioneer Reggie Gray & the creator of Flex Ave, Epic B,  to collaborate on a series of short narratives about dance as action – forward momentum.


Los Angeles-based photographer Pat Martin will be taking over the screen in the two-week long recurring spot as part of SV’s artist takeover series on SVLA1. Pat’s images capture deeply personal and introspective moments among his family and in his daily life, creating intimate windows that we peer into.