Take Me Home LA


A few weeks ago, we created an interactive video piece for a one night art and media extravaganza in Downtown Los Angeles. More than 40 artists and galleries were invited to take over the newly remodeled Max Lofts in the fashion district, over 1000 people attended the event and were able to try out our latest immersive creation! Located on the penthouse floor, we shared a space with Think Tank Gallery and created an interactive video lounge in which spectators were invited to participate with the artwork using body movements to trigger a 3d interpretation of themselves, made out of apartments and houses.

Our goal for the project was to take the idea of home and show how it could mean something different for each individual. Each person generated a unique avatar made up of various structures that referenced the vibrant and diverse architectural landscape that permeates throughout the city. We gave a nod to the iconic Eames house, elegant Art Deco architecture, and even 1960’s dingbat apartments- all structures that make up the Los Angeles we know today.

The piece was a great success and we’re happy to share this recap video with you. Special thanks to Think Tank Gallery and curators Ari Simon and Daniya Mussina for having us on board!