StandardVision Brings The Broad Museum Outside with a Site Specific Dance Film from Mike Tyus

On View:

#SLVA1 Screen at the Courtyard Marriott

901 W. Olympic Blvd. – Los Angeles, CA

Playing at the top of every hour through January 10th

In partnership with The Broad Museum, StandardVision is showcasing a selected excerpt from “Fallin’ Man,” a film by Los Angeles-based dancer-choreographer Mike Tyus and directed by Jeremy Glaholt and Joy Brown, on the SVLA1 screen in downtown Los Angeles. Shot on location inside The Broad Museum, the film is part of a three-part video series, titled L.A. Intersections: Music, Language, Movement.

Return virtually to The Broad and rediscover the joy of connecting with performers through the series, which celebrates a diverse and vibrant array of Los Angeles-based musicians, poets, and dancers who activate the distinct physical spaces of the museum.

The excerpt featured on the SVLA1 screen captures renowned dancer Mike Tyus performing his site specific work amidst the iconic and vivid paintings by abstract artist Ellsworth Kelly. The geometric forms and rich palette of Kelly’s pieces create a compelling backdrop for Tyus’ movements.

Mike Tyus is a dancer-choreographer who began his artistic career as co-founder of the dance group the Urban Poets. A member of Jacob Jonas the Company, Pilobolus, he has also toured extensively with Cirque Du Soleil and collaborated with composer Danny Elfman.

The excerpt of “Fallin’ Man” plays at the top of every hour daily through January 10th on the SVLA1 screen in downtown LA. Click here to watch the full Part 1 of L.A. Intersections: Music, Language, Movement, and learn more about dancer Mike Tyus by visiting his Instagram.