Artist Spotlight: Urban Isolation by Russell Houghten

StandardVision is currently displaying Urban Isolation, a piece by renowned photographer and filmmaker Russell Houghten, on the massive 8K lobby screen located inside the US Bank Tower in downtown Los Angeles.

Shot in 2014 as part of  The Berrics REDirect video series, Urban Isolation is Houghten’s exploration of a Los Angeles completely devoid of life except for one, free-roaming skateboarder. The film features a lone skater cruising on highways and streets throughout the City of Angels, reimagining some of LA’s most iconic landmarks and destinations amidst a uniquely desolate landscape.

In order to achieve this lonely effect, Houghten removed all cars and people other than the skateboarder during the post-production process. In the current post-COVID19 world, Houghten’s short film somewhat mirrors today’s emptied out public spaces, renewing the film’s relevance and amplifying its impact.

Russell Houghten is a renowned photographer and drone cinematographer, mainly focused on capturing the world of skateboarding and urban life. He runs the Brindle Collective, a full service production company complete with a team of DPs, FAA-licensed drone pilots, and video editors. The Brindle Collective has worked on everything from commercials, corporate films, music videos, construction analysis and feature length films.