Wilshire Grand: New Year’s Eve Light Show Recap

StandardVision once again has brought LA its very own annual New Year’s Eve lighting event on the Wilshire Grand Center tower in Downtown LA. 

Titled “Breathe”—representing the collective breath of the city—the entire tower pulsated, with each breath growing more frequent in anticipation of a new year.

At sunset on New Year’s Eve, a choreographed lighting event began to take place on the tallest skyscraper west of the Mississippi, increasing in speed and intensity as the evening drew closer to the new year. Just before midnight, the tower displayed a 30-second countdown; and at the stroke of 12:00, the tower transformed into a medley of inspirational color and fireworks, welcoming the year 2019.

The grandeur of the Wilshire Grand Center’s New Year’s Eve lighting was viewed from a 15-mile radius surrounding Los Angeles and was photographed hundreds of times and shared across social media platforms. 

StandardVision started designing the Wilshire Grand Center lighting in 2012. In 2016, StandardVision installed the lights in tandem with construction of the tower. When the property finally opened in 2017, StandardVision lit the tower for the first time and has managed and operated the lighting ever since.