Artist Profile: Yuge Zhou at the LA Central Library

StandardVision and the Los Angeles Central Library frequently feature works by contemporary video artists on the Central Library Video Wall. One of the artists with work currently on display is Yuge Zhou.

Zhou studied drawing under Chinese contemporary painter Kaixi Cui and eventually moved into Video Art after earning her Master of Fine Art from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Zhou currently lives and practices in Chicago, IL, creating video collages and sculptural video installations that portray ‘urban dispositions’ and explore the complex interactions between humans and their environment. She also directs and curates the 3300-square foot 150 Media Stream, the largest new media and video art installation in Chicago. In addition to her MFA, Zhou holds a masters degree in Computer Engineering from Syracuse University.

Zhou’s work Green Play is on display at the LA Public Library. The piece is a joyful orchestration of one of the great meeting places in New York City—Central Park, a utopian playground and repository shared by locals and tourists alike. The spliced footage choreographs a single summer Sunday and encapsulates an optimism that is central to American life. Green Play is part of The Humors, a four-part video collage series exploring urban dispositions.

This work was on display at the Central Video Wall at the LA Central Library throughout the month of March.