Taman Anggrek

Jakarta, Indonesia

Spanning nearly 1,200 feet in length and covering a total of 90,000 square feet, our installation at Taman Anggrek Mall in Jakarta is designated as the world's longest media façade by Guinness Book of World Records. StandardVision's retrofit of this 15-year-old development mixes high and low resolution screens on which we program commercial and noncommercial content into a singularly spectacular, cohesive presentation.





Our challenge was to give the 15-year-old shopping mall a much needed facelift.
Working with the project's architects, we explored media façades that would wrap the entire complex.
Our solution incorporated both high and medium resolution LED technologies.
StandardVision's aluminum LED blades were pre-assembled in modules and hoisted into position on site.
Our design incorporated banks of angled LED blades to create maximum visibility and provide visual texture.
We designed it to be sufficiently transparent to allow for outside views from the interior of the building.
When launched, the Guinness Book of World Records designated it as the world’s longest LED media façade.

Components & Technology